They're a new kind of pop group - thoughtful, multi-talented and confident. With their debut radio single ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ running up the charts, The Silvers is in a unique position to re-define the genre.

Generally speaking, pop artists are highly dependent on strong lyrics and pure musicianship to succeed in the market, and The Silvers is well-positioned to excel in this regard. Perhaps that's why critics had this to say about the group's award-winning work: ‘The Silvers renders an awesome pop delectation decorated by creatively distilled vocals and carefully derived percussion backing - 'Who Do You Think You Are?' is listening bliss.’ Now that their new radio single ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ is catching fire on radio, it's clear that we'll be hearing a lot more of them. Reporter Lauren Scott recently caught up with The Silvers to learn more about this intriguing new group and what inspires them to create their music.

LAUREN: When did your recording career begin? What inspired you to first make music?
THE SILVERS: We started recording right after high school. Once we saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, that was it for us. Over the years people came and went in our bands, names of bands changed, until we finally settled on THE SILVERS.

LAUREN: Your new single ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ is currently getting a great response on radio. How would you describe your new single?
THE SILVERS: We think it's a great uptempo song with a little sly humor in the lyrics. And we love the harmonica that's featured in the song. It's a great hook.

LAUREN: How do you feel your music has changed this past year?
THE SILVERS: We feel we are getting more recognition for our music. John McKay of Lord of The Rings fame has picked up our music which is to be included in two animated features. One is called SILVERS and the other is called SILVERS SURF CITY which may be found on our YouTube channel.

LAUREN: What is your creative process when it comes to songwriting?
THE SILVERS: It really depends on how we start. Sometimes it's a lyric like "Who do you think you are?" or "Watch Out!", sometimes it's the chord changes and sometimes it's a melody that will be floating around in one of our heads! The other day I was on the golf course and this tune just came to me. I pulled out my phone and did a video of myself singing the melody so I wouldn't lose it by the time I got home!

LAUREN: During this creative process, do you feel you work better alone or in a team?
THE SILVERS: For me, I feel I work better on my own at first, then I shoot the idea over to Tom with a demo of the music so we can collaborate on the lyrics. Then Glenn gets the demo to lay down a drum track. Finally it goes to Drew who polishes the arrangement with all sorts of instruments and effects.


LAUREN: How do you feel about the Internet in the music business?
THE SILVERS: We feel the Internet is crucial. Especially now that a lot of people are not buying CDs or vinyl but are downloading from Spotify and other places.

LAUREN: What is the best compliment you've ever received?
THE SILVERS: We sent "Who Do You Think You Are?" over to Britain to be played on one of their radio stations, and the woman who chose it had nothing but great things to say about the song and the album cover.

LAUREN: If you had an extra two hours every day, how would you spend it?
THE SILVERS: WE'd probably be writing and recording music! What else?

LAUREN: If you could sit down with one of your favorite artists, who would it be and what would you ask them?
THE SILVERS: Each of us would probably choose a different person, but my favorite would be Paul McCartney since he inspired me to take up the bass and do vocals at the same time.

LAUREN: In your opinion, which decade do you think produced some of the best music to date?
THE SILVERS: I believe there is a lot of Beatles influence in music no matter what people say. Other than rap music (and sometimes even then if there is an underlying melody and chord changes) what that British group did in the '60's still reverberates today.

LAUREN: When you are working on a new song, who is the first person you share it with?
THE SILVERS: Like I said before, usually I ship the new song over to Tom who helps me with the lyrics. Sometimes Drew, as in the case of "Working Together" where we co-wrote the song.

LAUREN: Is there new material in the works and when will fans get to hear it?
THE SILVERS: Our original strategy was to release a 14 song album around the middle of March and a 6-8 song EP (equal to 3 singles in the old days!) in the middle of September. Then we usually do a Christmas song or two near the holidays. Because out last 14 song album, "Soul Surrender", was a little late in getting released, our next EP should be released at the end of September. After that we should be back on schedule.

LAUREN: I look forward to hearing your new work! Thank you for letting us get to know you better as a musician and I wish you the best of luck and continued success.