Lisa Panagos


Known as a R&B / soul artist with an enigmatic side, Lisa Panagos's new single ‘Ecstasy’ has exploded on radio and put this artist on the world map.

There is something special happening with Lisa Panagos, the talented R&B / soul artist out of Hollywood. A firm believer in the time-honored tradition of composition and careful attention to detail, Lisa Panagos's work demonstrates how personal and affecting music can be when the right elements come together. This legitimacy is discernible from other angles. She has a deep understanding of the techniques and traditions of the R&B / soul genre which is perhaps why the critics had this to say about her award-winning work: ‘This R&B/soul track brings to union prodigiously competent elements of each style - 'Ecstasy' is a luminous, expertly instrumented gem, gorgeously vocalized and destined for greatness.’ Reporter Blake Wright recently caught up with this talented artist to learn more about her unique story and her plans for the future.

BLAKE: When did you first get that feeling that your music career was gaining momentum?
LISA PANAGOS: I first got the feeling that my music career was gaining momentum when I won three awards from the LA Music Awards. They were Producers Choice for ‘Outstanding Debut Release’, Best Electronica/Dance Artist and Best Music Video for ‘Mind’s Eye’. I also was getting calls for interviews from various magazines. Also, radio station owners were calling me for interviews. Industry professionals worldwide started to take notice and contact me. I was so grateful.

BLAKE: Is there an underlying theme to your latest single? ’Ecstasy’
LISA PANAGOS: The underlying theme to my latest single ‘Ecstasy’ is bringing sexy back! Everyone is so busy rushing around and so distracted by social media. When it comes to making love some people hit it and quit it. LOL! It’s great to just take some time to shut out the world, slow it down, light some candles, set the mood and make passionate love. That kind of love where you feel in complete Ecstasy, and feel like the ceiling may fall and the earth is shaking. It’s worth slowing it all down to a sensual pulse and feeling all of the Ecstasy you can!

BLAKE: Does this theme connect to all of your recent musical works?
LISA PANAGOS: Yes. This theme connects to a lot of my recent musical works. Other themes include self empowerment and not letting others rain on your parade. Just do you, and never be ashamed of it or apologize for it! Jealousy gets the best of people and there are haters out there. All in all, the themes of my new works are love based, romantic, bringing sexy back, sensual and temptation and love conflicts that happen.

BLAKE: What is the quirkiest thing about you as an artist?
LISA PANAGOS: The quirkiest thing about me as an artist? I’m not quite sure! I guess it might be my writing style and how I love to laugh.

BLAKE: When do your musical ideas come to you?
LISA PANAGOS: My musical ideas come to me late at night when I have shut off the phone and most of LA is asleep. If I’m out of town I’m the same way. Once the vibe is quiet and peaceful and everyone is sleeping. When it’s quiet and peaceful I’m relaxed enough to receive the ideas from the Universe. I also get musical ideas when I’m walking in nature by the beach or the mountains. Also ideas come to me if I’m outside relaxing by the beach, or anywhere with trees and flowers. Sunset can be a good time too if I’m in a quiet and peaceful place. I can sit and contemplate life, maybe have a glass of wine and get inspired by the beauty of the sunset and my surroundings. I am open to receiving inspiration from the Universe in those environments and it's great! I love jumping out of bed or grabbing a pen wherever I am to write down the idea and or sing the melody into my mini cassette recorder. It’s very old school but it works for me!


BLAKE: In addition to music, what are your other passions or interests?
LISA PANAGOS: In addition to music my other passions and interests are acting, producing, modeling, dancing, yoga and working out. Cardio keeps me in a good mood due to the endorphin rush and yoga really centers me. Sometimes I get so excited with everything going on and or stressed out with the pressures of meeting deadlines or just all there is to do to make my career happen! Yoga reminds me to just breathe. Slow it down and breathe. I love entertainment across the board and can’t imagine doing anything else. I am so lucky and blessed to have the opportunities I do in this business.

BLAKE: What change or changes would you like to see in the music industry?
LISA PANAGOS: The changes I would like to see in the music industry are bringing back deals with large budgets for more than just a handful of artists. I would also like the playing field to open up for Indie Artists to make more money. I would like to see Indie Artists have some of the same opportunities the celebrity artists have at the major record labels. Maybe some Indie artists could be invited on major tours with celebrity music artists and make the same money they do!

BLAKE: As you were growing up, what is one of your best memories associated with music?
LISA PANAGOS: When I was growing up one of my best memories associated with music was seeing Ann Margaret perform her own show in Las Vegas. My breath was taken away and after that performance I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I knew before I saw the show but it solidified in my mind’s eye what my dreams were. My parents took me to the show so they were a big part of the memory also. I was so young I don’t even know how they got me in! Plus my Mom looked a lot like Ann Margaret and could sing like her too! She used to sing to me at night to help me go to sleep. My Mom had a beautiful voice but always said she was too shy to do it for a living. She was in high school and auditioned for a high school musical. Everyone knew she could sing but she was so shy she had to turn her back to the audition panel to sing anything. So she sang to me and inspired me to get up and sing. I was shy too at first but she always pushed me out there, encouraged my talent and helped me overcome my fear. Both of my parents were music lovers and they always had the classics playing in our living room. Lots of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Barbara Streisand and the list goes on and on. They really loved music and my Dad would always ask me to dance with him at special functions. We had a great relationship and we were bonded by music.

BLAKE: What is your proudest moment in your music career to date?
LISA PANAGOS: I would say that my proudest moment in my music career to date is the album I am currently working on scheduled for release early 2019. I wrote, arranged and produced the record and it has been quite the journey. Also my worldwide touring credits with celebrity artists.

BLAKE: What new music do you like?
LISA PANAGOS: The new music I like is Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Janet Jackson, Shawn Mendes, Britney Spears and many more.

BLAKE: Which musician would you like to collaborate with most?
LISA PANAGOS: I would love to collaborate with Mariah Carey, Diane Warren, Andrea Bocelli and too many to name. I am so inspired by many writers, artists and producers.

BLAKE: Are you working on new material now? If so, is it in a similar vein as your latest single or a radical departure?
LISA PANAGOS: Yes I have been working on my new record. It is in a similar vein as my latest single and I’m excited to release it to the world and do some touring.

BLAKE: That sounds great! Thank you for giving us a peek into your life as an artist. I wish you continued success in your career.