Farrah Fire


Brilliant artist and entertainer Farrah Fire taps into a compelling vibe to create an original blend of rock alchemy. It's little wonder why the radio single 'Actor' is racing up the charts.

Brooklyn resident Farrah Fire is an excellent example of a rock artist that elegantly leverages originality and composition skills to the service of modern entertainment. The new single 'Actor' demonstrates remarkable musical stylings that are sure to appeal to mainstream audiences. This artist's constantly original approach is coupled with the right look and the right attitude to become a proper rock-magnet and audiences around the world are beginning to acknowledge the fact that a new creative force has arisen. Where will the journey take this artist from here? Farrah Fire was the recipient of the Akademia Music Award for Best Rock Song on December 15, 2018. We suspect this artist will navigate the future on passionately reconciled terms, given the dedication and skill displayed thus far. Reporter Alexis Adams caught up with Farrah Fire to discuss the exciting journey ahead.

ALEXIS: When did you first get that feeling that your music career was gaining momentum?
FARRAH FIRE: Right away when I first started with each of my bands it felt like it was going to explode and there was opportunity but then it would implode instead. Now I feel my music career it is authentically gaining momentum because having survived many scenarios I made choices about my career after a long break away from the music biz, I developed a perspective on life that keeps me on course.

ALEXIS: Is there an underlying theme to your latest single 'Actor'?
FARRAH FIRE: When you deceive you will be deceived? People can drown in their fantasies taking others down with them but when the illusion is over their passion is dead when it is only based on delusions of grandeur and self-gratification.

ALEXIS: Does this theme connect to all of your recent musical works?
FARRAH FIRE: All my work connects to each other by era so when I wrote the song "Actor" most everything I was writing was along the lines of deception illusion, love, lust, madness and addiction. In those days my relationships with people were confusing. Accepting myself and that I was a free spirit did not happen overnight when a repeated fairytale agenda outside of myself programming kept me trying to turn myself into a traditional housewife. My writing in this era was untangling this dilemma with song lyrics and calls of the wild.

ALEXIS: What is the quirkiest thing about you as an artist?
FARRAH FIRE: I can go fast from being very prolific and public to forgetting that side of me totally. My creative switch goes off on tangents changing course with inspiration in all directions artistically not only in music. I follow my creative whims wherever they take me. Luckily, they have connected together magnificently making sense now as a unit, this was not a plan. Understanding how the pieces of my artistic inspiration fit together has been a difficult path but the most empowering thing in my life.

ALEXIS: When do your musical ideas come to you?
FARRAH FIRE: The ideas that I cannot shake off come to me when I am doing something completely unrelated to the idea like a song when I am painting, or vice versa, when there is a little extra space in my subconscious changing my perspective to allow an idea to dawn on me.


ALEXIS: In addition to music, what are your other passions or interests?
FARRAH FIRE: I am a lifelong painter and I also have been acting a bit lately, I find it clears my mind of all thought except the character I am in.

ALEXIS: What change or changes would you like to see in the music industry?
FARRAH FIRE: People keep dying prematurely in the music industry. I'd like to see more Artists living longer lives.

ALEXIS: As you were growing up, what is one of your best memories associated with music?
FARRAH FIRE: Seeing the Rolling Stones the week I graduated High School the energy at that concert was absolutely uplifting and energizing.

ALEXIS: What is your proudest moment in your music career to date?
FARRAH FIRE: When I finished the video for my song "Darkness City" which combined all the things I love to do, singing Rock n Roll, my Fine Art paintings and acting in a story. The war within myself made peace I didn't have to choose between my passions anymore everything was now going in one direction my life time of endeavors finally made sense like a puzzle fitting together

ALEXIS: What new music do you like?
FARRAH FIRE: I definitly like Marilyn Mansons new album.

ALEXIS: Which musician would you like to collaborate with most?
FARRAH FIRE: Jimmy Page he is a guitar genius.

ALEXIS: Are you working on new material now? If so, is it in a similar vein as your latest single or a radical departure?
FARRAH FIRE: Well I just did a little impromptu live version of the song "Actor". The musician I originally recorded the song with I have no way to connect with so my band members played the song their way and I adjusted my singing naturally feeling the current 2019 live mood and take on my song 'Actor', I have a live hard rock side that I have been holding back for a while now it felt good to re-visit that. What the new sound is and where it may go with my band players is heavy but I won't know to what degree till we are deeper in it. My next immediate move is to do another story type music video to the original recording of 'Actor' I already have put together some interesting props for it.

ALEXIS: Sounds good. Congratulations on your success thus far! Wishing you much luck and prosperity in the year ahead!